Why Really is Showing Up Important for Your Success

Why Really is Showing Up Important for Your Success

Showing up is a significant portion of success. According to Woody Allen, 80 percent of success is showing up, being there at the right moment to optimize the available opportunities. Showing up means being well-prepared in overcoming the hurdles and not just arriving at your workplace. 

Consistency is a golden character for every successful entrepreneur. This starts by just showing up. You should, therefore, be dedicated and ready to do your job well. Take pride in whatever you are doing and develop the will to work consistently.

Malcolm Gladwell maintains, in his book-Outliers: The Story of Success– that it takes 10,000 hours to become well versed in a given field. Ten thousand hours of practicing one task. That’s a lot of showing up! You don’t become an expert if you are not consistent, dependable or dedicated. All it requires is showing up.

Some people fail for they don’t take action until situations get perfect. They wait until they have just the right certifications, right funding, right tools, right people, and also wait for the right timing. Well, guess what? Things are not going to be perfect unless you take action today. Look at your results, and make appropriate changes to make your results better next time. 

Showing up, even on the days that you don’t feel like working, may have a great impact. You may end up making all that you need to keep on the track just by showing up and beginning to work. If you don’t want to show up for work, then show up for fun and you may end up achieving your desired goals without even noticing it. 

Showing up can as well mean giving support to the rest of the community. You can support your community in various ways like attending the performances of others, reading articles and books by people who write as per your desired style, and also purchasing handmade goods. 

Your dependability, dedication, and, consistency counts for a lot. When you show up every day with the will to work, you become a valuable part of the team.

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