Viability of Window Cleaning as a Business in Developing Country-Healthydoz
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Viability of Window Cleaning as a Business in Developing Country-Healthydoz

Starting a new business comes with a lot of uncertainties, but in business, one has to take risks to succeed. So, what about venturing into the window cleaning business. Is it profitable? Will one get a stable market, especially in a developing country? Let’s find out here.

We all agree that everything needs to be cleaned, but no one like cleaning. It is estimated that more than $40 billion is spent every year in cleaning alone in the US. This show that cleaning is a big business and one can make a kill especially in window cleaning.

Why? Windows are the most common parts of the house that get dirty despite what the economy can do. And since people value for their homes, they would probably spend on maintaining their building clean.

Pros of Starting Window Washing Business in a Developing Country

Starting window cleaning requires cheap supplies. You’ll need to purchase a window cleaning bucket, squeegees in several sizes, rags, cleaning solution, and a basic ladder. All these supplies can be acquired for less than $100. This is a reasonable investment that most third world people can get.

Once the business has picked one can purchase other requirements such a vehicle and pay for other additional costs business phone number and marketing campaigns.

Quick Income Generation

Unlike other businesses where you are told to wait for the cheque to mature, most residential and small commercial jobs are paid instantly once the job is done. Also, a window cleaning business is very flexible. The business allows you to be in charge of your time and the amount of money you make.

Ready Market

Two markets exist in window washing industry; Residential and Commercial. How much you get depend on the market you choose. Residential cleaning pays less compared to the commercial market but is the easiest area to start with.

But, residential cleaning may not work for you if you fear heights and you don’t have enough fund to purchase a good ladder. Conversely, commercial window cleaning pays highly but has high competition and you need to be professional, reliable and probably have liability insurance.

Short Training

Window washing is easy to learn and get started. You can start with up-down, or sideways stroke techniques and later get the fanning technique.

window cleaning


  • In the third world country, the work may not be year-round
  • Window cleaning can expose you to natural elements such as wasps.
  • Height phobia may be a limiting factor

There are no secrets on how to succeed in window cleaning. It is like any other business, and you simply need to be smart. Talk nicely to your customer, deliver best services within the agreed period and you will see your window washing business prospering.



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