How to Travel for Cheap-Healthydoz

How to Travel for Cheap-Healthydoz

Many will say that money is the greatest factor that hinders them from traveling.  But the truth is, you can travel for cheap to any place you wish to visit as long as you have the right mindset and you can identify travel as one of your priorities.

You need to be proactive and grab every opportunity that comes your way. The secret is to cut down on your expenses and if possible earn as you travel. You can also make it an added advantage for traveling cheap, e.g., on top of saving on your trip costs, you can also make a profit when traveling for business. So, how can you travel for cheap?

How to travel for cheap

There are cheap ways to travel. As long as you are flexible and have some know-how, the money will never stop you from achieving your dream. The following ways can help you travel cheap to your favorite places on a low budget.

Use Cheaper flights

Before you can think of flying with cheaper flights you must ensure that your travel schedule is flexible. If you have a fixed schedule then you will have to spend more on air travel. It is cheaper to fly in the middle of the week or overnight. The airfare can be even cheaper if you travel during off-peak seasons. Here are some sites you can subscribe to their email newsletters to get instant alerts when airlines reduce their airfare or hold sales; Scott’s Cheap Flights, and 

Travel Light

Carry the only the items you will use as you travel. You can avoid or at least pay low checked luggage fee by carrying everything you need on a single backpack. It is also easier to move around with a single backpack.


Make Use of Rail Pass

The rail pass is good news if you plan to travel for a while in a region you can access by train. Use Rail Passes instead of booking an individual trip ticket which could be expensive with a fixed schedule. Rail Passes are cheaper and flexible. It is a great way to save money when it comes to train transport. 

You can use roof racks to transport some items such as mattresses, bicycles, and bags. Placing such items on the roof of your car can save you the extra cost of hiring another vehicle to transport them. You will also be increasing the carrying capacity of your car that can even allow you to accommodate a friend.

Offer Your Services at a Fee

Do you have a skill that you would like to sell? This is a prime means to make money as you travel. The best part of offering your services is that it is flexible. You work when you wish to protect you from committing yourself to long-term jobs as you travel. Where can you offer your services? There are various online platforms like UpWork, Craiglist, and TaskRabbit which allows you to find clients that need your services and get paid to help them. All you need is to create an account at absolutely free.

Alternatively, you can offer services directly to other travelers such as haircut, or teach them your native language.

Get Employed Abroad

Do you still have money problems? Why not work overseas to earn money as you travel! You have to avoid being choosy though for you to get great opportunities that are less competitive overseas. Although working abroad seems a difficult thing to do, it is possible. As long as you have an open mind you will get a job that can pay for your travel. Forget about the high paying jobs that need advanced degrees and a lot of working experience. Your aim is to travel cheap and not to make money, right!


Carry Your Own Meal

Spending money on every meal as travel only make your trip expensive. You can prepare your own meals and drinks in the kitchen wherever you are staying. Ask if there is a cooker in the hostel you are checking into. The best thing is that you prepare what you like. In places where there is no kitchen, make your own sandwiches and salad and pack them well to enjoy on the go. This can save you a lot of money that you could have otherwise used to buy meals. You can skip a meal for a day. Don’t tell me you will die for going a day without a meal.

Stay in a Free Place

There are a lot of people who own homes in interesting places and are willing to swap them with other people. This is where you come in if you own a home. You can easily exchange it with those interested to visit your area. There are established home swapping site including HomeExchange, Homelink and Intervac which facilitates home swap. Do your own search of the place you want to visit and once ready list your home on these sites to enable you to browse other listings and reach members about the prospective swaps. You have to pay a membership fee to these sites but you can utilize the free trial period.

Planning your trip to interesting places where you have friends and family can save you money spent on accommodation. All you need is to contact them early enough to accommodate you. You will also get insider tips about what to do and see while you are there. If you don’t know someone in places you are visiting you can contact hospitality club and global freeloaders to connect you to indigenous people who may be willing to host you and show you around town.

Stay in a hostel. Not fancy but staying in a dorm is a less expensive accommodation option. How much you spent staying in a hostel depend on the number of people it can accommodate. The bigger the dorm the cheaper it will be.

Travel as a Group

When you travel as a group you can share the cost with friends and family. You will not feel stretched paying for rental cars, hotels, and hostels. The best part of traveling together is that you will be offered a discount making the cost even cheaper. You will also get to enjoy the company of friends and family making the trip even more interesting.

Make Use of WWOOFing

WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farming. You volunteer to join WWOOF- there is membership fee get to the farms but once there you enjoy everything else for free including free room and board. You also get trained in the farming technique and can be sponsored to visit various parts of the world.

Drive Other People

Are you a driver with a valid driving license? Transport other people who often have their car sent. Inquire directly with car rental or relocations companies who need drivers in a limited number of days. You can also advertise on social media to connect to car owners who need a driver. You need to do research on the places to travel once you get a gig. Also, check out the traffic rules of places you want to visit such as the side of the road they drive.

If you thought that traveling is expensive and couldn’t afford to move around the world, now you know it is possible. You can actually travel to your favorite place regardless of your budget. Go through our tips and select your best option to travel for cheap.

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