Hot Laptop Linked to Male Infertility

Hot Laptop Linked to Male Infertility

A significant decline in male reproductive health has been noted in recent years, say researchers. About 15%-20% of couples are not able to conceive.  Male related issues contribute 20% of these cases.  Increasing scrotal temperature is one of the reasons why Hot Laptop Linked to male infertility is happening.

The testes-sperm producing organs- are located outside the body for a reason. The scrotal temperature is 2-degree Celsius below the body temperature to favor sperm production.

Increasing scrotal temperature can distort the shape of the sperm making it difficult to fertilize the ovum-the female egg. One of the factors that could increase scrotal heat is prolonged laptop use.

The use of Laptop computers has greatly increased especially in young men. With their portable design, it is possible to comfortably use laptops in any situation. But, frequent use of laptops can heat up your scrotums.

A study conducted by Dr. Yefim Sheynkin, an associate professor of urology at Stony Brook University School of Medicine, showed an increase in scrotal temperature with working and nonworking laptops. A greater increase in the temperature of the groin was, however, noted in the working laptops as compared to nonworking laptops — about 2.7 degrees Celsius.

There was a 2.1 degree Celsius rise in temperature on individuals without working laptops.

The study further showed a rise of about 9 degrees Celsius at the bottom of the laptop after 60 minutes. The rise in temperature was similar in both brands.

The position men take while using laptop computers can make matters worse. Balancing a laptop on your laps with thighs close together traps heats even in the absence of a computer. Still, the heat generated by the laptops adds to the problem.

Laptops have also been linked to a sedentary lifestyle, which has an impact on fertility. With advanced technology it is possible to sit in front of your laptops for a long period—this immobility can reduce your sperm counts.

What Should You do to Preserve Fertility?

Keep your laptop off your laps to prevent damaging sperms and reducing counts and motility– It is easy to place the laptop on a desktop. If that’s not possible, place the laptop computers away from your groin and keep your legs apart.

Placing a pillow or a pad underneath isn’t a good idea, says Sheynkin. The body position remains the same and still traps heat.

Reduce the frequency of using laptops while on your laps. The shorter the exposure is, the less potential impact from the laptop computer you may experience.

Be active. Exercise and activity increase sperms counts.

Is the Heat Generated from a Laptop Enough to Impair Fertility?

It is not clear, for sure. More research needs to be done. However, researchers have noted a 40% decrease in sperm concentration when the median daytime scrotal temperature rose by 1 degree Celsius.

Are Females Affected?

Female reproductive organs are located inside the body, unlike in males. They are, therefore, protected from the heat generated from the laptop computers by the layers of the skin, and muscle.

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  1. So, heat from a laptop can affect my balls? I never knew this. Thanks for enlightening me, Good work

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