5 Tips on How to Increase the Chances of Having a boy
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5 Tips on How to Increase the Chances of Having a boy

Are you struggling to conceive a baby boy?

In this article, you will learn 5 tips on how to increase the chances of having a boy.

But wait, why do you prefer having a boy to a girl? I leave that for you to answer.

While you may have various reasons why you would prefer a male gender, the love for your baby should not be determined by gender. Love your baby regardless of the outcome.

What are the Chances of Conceiving Baby Boy?

Scientifically, gender selection occurs randomly. There is a 50% chance of having a boy as well as having a girl.

A baby inherits one chromosome from each parent. The mother contributes X chromosome since she carries the XX chromosomes. The father contributes either X or Y chromosome since they carry the XY chromosomes.

A baby becomes a girl if it inherits an X chromosome from the father. The baby will be a boy if it inherits the Y chromosome from the father.

There are two types of sperms. The male producing sperms (with XY chromosome) and the female producing sperms (XX chromosomes).

Facts about the male producing sperms

  • They are small
  •  Swim fast
  • Are weak.
  • They die within a short period in the woman body as compared to more resilient female producing sperms.

5 Tips How to Increase the Chances of  Having a Baby Boy

If you are planning to have a boy here are 5 methods that you can put into practice to increase your odds.

#1: Time Your Cycle

A stitch in time ‘gives a baby boy.’ (Just kidding!)

Right timing of ovulation plays an important role when it comes to conceiving a boy.

According to Dr. Shittles, the author of “How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby,” the male sperm is weaker and survive for a short period as compared to the more resilient female sperm.

Going by this in mind, you should have intercourse 24 hours before ovulation or within 12 hours after ovulation.

You should know your ovulation cycle well for you to increase your odds for a boy. If you don’t know your cycle already, use the following ovulation prediction methods predict ovulation:

  • Chart your cervical mucus
  • Chart your basal body temperature.
  • Use ovulation predictor kits

#2: Do the Deed Deep.

While it may not be romantic, going for rear entry gives the male sperm a head start to quickly reach the ovum (the female egg), according to Dr. Shittles.

Male sperm is less resilient. Minimal penetration and ejaculation predispose the male sperm to harsh vaginal environment. This reduces the chances of survival of the boy sperm while favoring the survival of the girl sperm.

Here are some positions for maximum penetration:

Do it Standing

Having intercourse while standing allow your man to ejaculate near the cervix reducing the difference to be covered to reach the egg.

You should lean on the wall or a stable surface for support and let your partner approach you gently. You can also let your partner carry you as you enjoy your moment together.

Use Doggy position

For deeper penetration, you should kneel down with both limbs and let your better half approach you from behind.

Be on top

Saddle position allows for maximum penetration as well as allow you to be in control of the depth of penetration.

Ask your partner to sit on a bed, couch or place that you find appropriate for you. Then saddle yourself gently to him.

For full control, your partner should lie on his back and be on top.

#3: Get an orgasm

According to Dr. Shittles, orgasm makes your cervix secrete a fluid that raises the pH. This makes the environment ideal for the survival of the male sperm.

When planning to have a boy, your orgasm should come before your better half deposits the sperms.

#4: Wear boxers

Researchers have found out that sperm production is favored by cooler temperature. This is why the scrotum which contains the testes (produce sperm) is located outside the body.

Also, the male sperm has been found to survive better in a cooler environment than a warm environment.

When planning to have a boy you should ask your partner to wear boxers to enhance regeneration of sperms. This is also the period to discourage your mate from taking a warm bath.

#5: Diet

The male producing sperms survive better in alkaline medium.

Eating foods that raise body pH increase the survival of the Y-chromosome. Thus, you should go bananas when you want to have a boy. Bananas are rich in potassium which increase the body pH.

Other foods that help raise your body pH include:

Caffeine is also known to enhance the motility of the boy sperm. Thus, your partner should drink caffeine-containing fluid before the deed. Other energy drinks can serve the purpose in case caffeine is not available.

Do you know other methods on how to increase the chances of having a baby boy? Let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. I like the way you discussed this methods. The article is so informing. Could you please write on ovulation cycle. I would like to know more on the cycle. Thanks

    1. Thank you Jane,
      I will soon be writing on the cycle as suggested.

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